Want To Know Why There Aren’t More Black Lawyers?

One of the many things we’ve learned through the repeated murders of Black men and women at the hands of law enforcement and the failure of these murderers to be brought to justice is that we need more Black lawyers and prosecutors. While nearly 40 percent of incarcerated prisoners are African-American, four percent of lawyers in the United States…keep reading

Three Things You Must Do To Get Diversity Right

Want to achieve organizational excellence? Join the club. Organizational excellence comes from an empowered and diverse team, but getting there takes work. In nearly every organization I have a chance to speak with, from financial services to the restaurant businesses to healthcare, diversity is an area of interest and of focus. After serving as one…keep reading

Tips for effective teamwork among law students

As the school year unfolds and students join clubs and start new initiatives, they will find themselves having to work with others. It is no secret that working with a team can be challenging, even if it is among a group of friends. With differing work ethics, personalities and expectations, there are bound to be…keep reading

What Resilient Lawyers Do Differently

Resilience is a critical skill set for lawyers. The legal profession is in the middle of rapid and continuous change. Clients are spread out around the world, and firms must have a global presence and provide a global skillset. Busy lawyers, already maxed out by the general pressure and stress of the profession, are trying to keep…keep reading