Diversity As a Differentiator in the Legal Profession

This article appeared in Marketing the Law Firm, an ALM publication reporting on the latest, and most effective strategies. For Chief Marketing Officers, Managing Partners, Law Firm Marketing Directors, Administrators, Consultants. Visit the website to learn more. Let’s face it — most lawyers and law firms all do the same thing (handle complex legal issues for…keep reading

Featured Lawyer: Roshan Rajkumar

Roshan Rajkumar Partner Bowman and Brooke TCDIP Board Co-Chair What is your area of practice?  Civil Litigation – Defense Why are you unique? I am one of only two Sri Lankan attorneys in my firm, and the only Sri Lankan law firm partner I am aware of in the Twin Cities. How did you do…keep reading

Featured Lawyer: Alfred W. Coleman

Alfred W. Coleman Principal Gray Plant Mooty What is your area of practice?  My practice primarily focuses on three areas; General Corporate representation where I provide sophisticated advice and counsel to emerging businesses and established domestic and multi-national companies on a variety of revenue generation and risk management projects; complex Mergers & Acquisitions; and Private…keep reading

What Makes a Good Mentor A Great Mentor…

Most of us have had mentors in our lives, whether we were assigned them or they happened organically.  When we think about those mentors, some of them were great mentors and some were not; not because they did not care there just wasn’t that level of communication or advise that could have moved us to…keep reading