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Moving The Needle: Stephanie King’s Collaborative Diversity Strategy

Creating diversity requires intention, consistency, transparency, a commitment to not do “what you’ve always done,” and accountability.   As the general counsel and part of AdRoll’s executive team, a leading performance marketing platform with over 35,000 clients worldwide and home to the world’s largest   opt-in advertiser data co-op with over 1.2 billion digital profiles, Stephanie A….keep reading

Best Biglaw Firms For Women Who Actually Want To Make Partner

Which Biglaw firms made the list? Despite all of the heartache and work that go into achieving it, making partner remains the gold standard for most attorneys. And not just some service partner non-equity BS, but actual “real” partnership, of the equity variety. In recognition of the prevalence of that achievement, Law360 has compiled a ranking of…keep reading

The Nextions Impact

Read article by clicking on link below The Explicit Impact of Implicit Bias

What Makes a Good Mentor A Great Mentor…

Most of us have had mentors in our lives, whether we were assigned them or they happened organically.  When we think about those mentors, some of them were great mentors and some were not; not because they did not care there just wasn’t that level of communication or advise that could have moved us to…keep reading