Young Lawyers

Diversity in Practice 10th Anniversary

Twin Cities Diversity in Practice was established by a group of unlikely Diversity Champions in May of 2005. Over 10 years ago the key leaders at our large firms and corporate law departments decided to pursue a collective effort to attract/recruit/advance and retain lawyers of color in and to the Twin Cities. These leaders got…keep reading

TCDIP Featured Lawyer: Janine Wetzel Kimble

Janine Wetzel Kimble Attorney Greene Espel PLLP Janine answers four questions on how she has achieved her level of success. How did you do it? It’s a team effort! My attorney colleagues provide tremendous support, including advice and substantive input. We also regularly communicate about expectations and deadlines. Those conversations help me to prioritize projects and…keep reading

Real Life in Big Law

In a Good2BSocial Blog Post by Joe Lamport called “Why Big Law Partners Don’t Play Nice in the Sandbox” which references a study that was just released by Heidi Gardner, a distinguished fellow at Harvard Law School’s Center for the Profession, Joe discusses some of the key reasons why the study and real life in…keep reading

To Thine Own Self Be True…Or Not… That is the Question

How authentic can I be?  This is an important question every law school student faces when preparing for a law firm interview.  It’s a particularly important question for law students of color as they head into interview at law firms where the diversity agenda is still very much a work in progress. The Authenticity Trap…keep reading

Why Optics still matter?

In the age of Diversity and Inclusion it is easy to be confused or overwhelmed with what matters.  Do we count the numbers or not, if we have numbers then what’s the problem?  What is the difference between Diversity and Inclusion?  Is there a difference or is one the subset of another?  What is it…keep reading