Cognitive Refreshers for Interviews

What can you do to reduce bias during the interview process?

Full days of OCI interviews can be a long and exhausting process. Research shows that when mental fatigue sets in, it is easier for bias to creep into the
human mind. Here are easy 3 tips you can use to reduce fatigue and reduce bias:

Change your point of view – literally

After each interview, switch seats with your interview partner or switch sides of the table. Physically changing your seat can change your perspective and help you reset before the next candidate comes in.

Take notes on a separate sheet of paper

Taking notes on a clean sheet of paper, rather than on a resume, helps avoid confirmation bias.

Use your breaks

If you have time between interviews, use that time to stand up, stretch, and let your brain rest. If you can, avoid checking email and diverting your focus elsewhere. Fuel up with some light snacks, coffee, and water!

OCI interviews are high-stakes, high-stress days for both students and interviewers. Make the most of your time interviewing by using these quick tips to stay mindful throughout the day!

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