Committees and Working Groups

Ambassador Program Planning Committee
Members of the Recruiting Committee

This group aids in planning and execution of the Ambassador program.

Corporate Members Group

A platform to review what each Corporate organization is doing regarding diversity initiatives both externally and internally and to work together on consistent messaging.

Executive Committee
Roshan Rajkumar (Bowman and Brooke), Kathlyn Noecker (Faegre Baker Daniels), Jennifer Miernicki (Faegre Baker Daniels), Brent Robbins (General Mills), Summra M. Shariff (TCDIP)

Membership Committee
Committee Chair: Caryn Boisen (Larson King)

The Membership Committee acts as a liaison between member organizations and the Board of Directors through the collection of data from organizational leadership and front-line practitioners, followed by program implementation addressing some of the wants and needs identified.

Marketing Committee
Committee Chair: Heather Kliebenstein (Merchant & Gould)

The Marketing Committee focuses on promoting TCDIP and its members as well as raising awareness about the programs and initiatives TCDIP offers in support of its mission to attract/recruit/advance/retain lawyers of color in the Twin Cities metro areas and to promote the Twin Cities as a viable place to live and work for diverse talent.

Metrics Working Group
Committee Chairs: Kathlyn Noecker (Faegre Baker Daniels)

The Metrics Working Group has been assembled to organize current data available to TCDIP, gather additional data (if necessary) and identify trends or inconsistencies.  The objective is to create a streamlined user friendly system of tracking and measuring success. Additional responsibilities include  compiling and summarizing data as well as preparing reports.

MMRC Sub Planning Committee

This group aids in the planning and execution of the Minnesota Minority Recruitment Conference.

Pipeline Committee

This committee is currently being reconstituted and is open for member involvement.  To be involved or get more information on the Pipeline Committee please email

Professional Development Committee
Committee Chair: Gulzar Babaeva (Target Corp.)

The PDC committee is responsible for bringing innovative and dynamic program ideas to the table to help develop, organize and produce three to four CLEs annually for TCDIP members.

Recruiting Committee

A combined group of recruiters, diversity professionals and member lawyers that meet monthly to review what each member organization is doing regarding diversity initiatives externally and internally and to work on consistent messaging and to leverage the programs that TCDIP is provides.

Young Lawyers Group
Committee Chairs: Roger Maldonado (Faegre Baker Daniels), and Andreia Rosa (Wells Fargo)

The YLG provides a method for  junior attorneys to have a voice and provide feedback to the Board on TCDIP initiatives.  They operate as a “shadow board”, echoing the composition and governance structure of the larger Board.  Each member firm or organization may select 1 or 2 lawyers to represent them on the YLG, although the YLG hosts many events that are open to all junior attorneys.