Sponsorship Program


The Sponsorship Program Tool Kit & Training Videos are now available for Members.  The TCDIP Sponsorship Tool Kit & Training Videos are used to lay out the parameters and guidelines created by our working group and tested in our 2014 Sponsorship Pilot Program to help you create your own program. To access the tool kit please go to the Member Login on the main page of www.diversityinpractice.org, click on Committee Portal and put in your member password.  If you need access information please email vjensen@diversityinpractice.org

In the Fall of 2014 TCDIP launched a Sponsorship Pilot Program to support our goals to advance and retain diverse and women lawyers in our member organization.  The pilot Sponsorship Program was designed to give our members tools to develop and advance high potential, diverse lawyers by giving them access to meaningful opportunities within their organizations.  Both actual and anecdotal data confirm that solid relationships and access to good and meaningful work are the most important reasons high achieving associates stay at law firms and in legal departments. Unfortunately, minority and women lawyers have historically experienced inadequate access to good work and difficulty developing meaningful relationships in the legal profession. A Sponsorship Program can address these issues and enhance an organization’s ability to retain high talent lawyers.  The Sponsorship Pilot Program for Twin Cities Diversity in Practice was limited in scope and participation levels so the process and results could be monitored, measured and analyzed.

If you have any additional questions or are interested in participating in the training please contact us.

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