TCDIP 1L Rotation Clerkship

For over a decade, the TCDIP 1L Rotation Clerkship has helped launch the careers of law students of color in the Twin Cities. We strengthen the legal talent pipeline with strategic partnerships between TCDIP Members from law firms and corporate legal departments. Over the course of a summer, 1L Rotation Clerks gain valuable insights by working within a law firm and corporate law department setting. Students work alongside attorneys, develop relationships and sharpen their legal skills.  The 1L Rotation Clerkship is a great opportunity for TCDIP Members to collaborate, deepen relationships and create a more inclusive legal community.

Programming and benefits for TCDIP 1L Clerks include the following:

  • Exposure to Leadership: Throughout the summer, TCDIP Clerks have multiple opportunities to engage with senior leadership from across TCDIP. Our Board of Directors, Emerging Leaders Group and Members all devote time to getting to know Clerks and sharing more about the Twin Cities legal community.

  • Professional Development: Clerks participate in professional development programs focused on developing authentic relationship building skills.

  • Meaningful Mentors: Each Clerk is paired with an attorney outside the 1L Clerks’ employer in order to help clerks expand their networks and learn more about our legal community.

  • Connections to Alumni: At the beginning of the summer, clerks connect with alumni of the program who share their tips and tricks to building a successful summer experience.

Information for Employers

Information for Students