Q&A With Ken Cutler

Ken Cutler

What have you changed about your approach to diversity and inclusion as a result of your involvement with TCDIP?

Not sure if anything actually changed but it reinforced the importance of diversity and inclusion. I do think it made me think more broadly about we attract diverse lawyers but even more importantly how we retain and promote them

What is your favorite TCDIP event, and why?

I enjoyed the 1L get-togethers the most. I enjoyed getting to meet the new lawyers, learning about them and talking about my practice.  But I also think it is very important to show them what a great community the Twin Cities is and what a great place it is to practice law. That is why I think it is important that law firm leaders attend those events

Why is diversity and inclusion important?

As the community changes, it is important that the legal community changes as well. I experienced a change in the early 70’s when many law firms around the country did not welcome Jews—that was very true of some firms in Texas at the time I graduated law school there and in other parts of the country as well . I was very fortunate that Dorsey was welcoming in 1973 when I interviewed. Now that is not an issue. We need to make certain that same welcoming change occurs for our diverse lawyers now.

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